15 October 2008

Petrol Prices Down Again

As of 00:00 hours on 14th October, 2008, petrol and diesel prices were further reduced. The new prices are:
  • RON 97 @ RM2.30 per liter (reduction: 15 sen)
  • RON 92 @ RM2.20 per liter (reduction: 10 sen)
  • Diesel @ RM2.20 per liter (reduction: 20 sen)
Petrol prices per barrel are about USD$80 per barrel. (Ref: The Edge Daily, 15-10-08: Petrol Down Another 15 Sen, by YK Gan)

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, was quoted saying that petrol prices should be reviewed on a daily basis, rather than a monthly basis. He also called for the electricity tariffs to be reduced, given that petrol prices have gone down. (Ref: Ibid.)